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    Jackson Miller

    Sarah (and others), there is a way for us to manually change the order of your categories on the back end.

    I went ahead and changed the order for your two stores so that "Take to Storage" should now be the default.  We will provide a way for you to manage this in a future update.

    The expanded mobile view is tough.  It may be that we need to have a location name as well as a button name for each location. So that the location may be "Next to go out", but the button says "add to go out list" or something.

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    Thanks Jackson! :)

    I haven't seen the change to the default location yet, it still shows up as "Next to Go Out" right now. Do I need to do anything to make the change go into effect?

    I figured the expanded mobile view would be difficult.. One thing that would be awesome is if the columns could expand in landscape mode on a phone. On the tablet our employees use, it usually expands to show more details when rotated to landscape, but (at least for me) not on a phone. Even just the Category and Location would be great, if it couldn't fit Notes and Age.

    Another thought on the suggestion about filters/sorting - maybe an option to select multiple bins at once? So you could click to select a few bins and update the location of all of them to "Bring from Storage" or something in one go. Right now I end up sorting/filtering to find bins I want, writing down the bin numbers, then typing in the numbers one at a time and updating the location (rather than reapply the filters).

    As always, appreciate everything you guys do!

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