Drag & Drop to change the order of tasks



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    Diane Krause-Stetson

    This would be such a useful feature. It would also be wonderful if there were a way to assign a specific person to the task, when we have the tasks set up as recurring daily or weekly. (That way, we can add a level of accountability and fairness. Think of the "clean the bathroom" task! 

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    Drag and drop would be easier. I would also love to add a monthly task list. It would be great for items like cleaning out computers and changing scent cartridges.

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    Shane Harris

    I like the monthly task list idea as well! That would be great.

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    Erin Mazzoni


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    Sarah Van Dyke

    Agreed on the monthly tasks!

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    Allison Spartis

    Yes please!  I also like the idea of assigning an employee to tasks -- AND being able to edit the daily task list like you can the notes&kudos (there have been several times someone mis-typed and had to sign off on the task and type a new one)

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